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Nasal Sprays: How Do I Use a Nasal Spray?


Updated November 14, 2008

Question: Nasal Sprays: How Do I Use a Nasal Spray?

A question from a reader: Dr. Mike, I've read the directions for my medication Fortical used as a nose spray, but I’m not sure I’m using it right. This feels like a dumb question, but am I supposed to inhale as I spray or just let the spray absorb?


You’re not alone, many people are concerned about how to properly use nasal sprays when they are prescribed. The lining of your nose is rich in blood vessels and medications can easily be absorbed into your bloodstream with just a quick spray.

Your Fortical has most likely been prescribed to treat your osteoporosis and it is important that you use this medication exactly as prescribed for you by your doctor. Read the package insert and instructions that came with the medication to make sure that you understand Fortical’s side effects and how to store and use the medication.

According to the pharmaceutical company that sells Fortical Nasal Spray:

  • You can spray Fortical Nasal Spray into either nostril.
  • Simply hold your head and the unit in an upright, vertical position, and place the spray tip into your nostril at the same angle as your nasal passage.
  • Then press the pump all the way down one time.
  • If the unit is not held upright during use, the pump may not be able to deliver an accurate dose.
  • You may not feel the spray, because the mist is so fine.
  • Do not waste medication by testing the sprayer.
  • It is all right if some of the spray drips out of your nostril. Just one spray will give you the correct dose.

You do not need to inhale –- just let the medication be absorbed!

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