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Drugs May 2008 Archive


Aspirin More Helpful if Taken at Night

Monday May 26, 2008
ŠiStockphoto.com/jimd_stock An aspirin taken at bedtime may help to lower blood pressure in people who are at risk of developing hypertension, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of ... Read More

What Your Doctor is Reading: Side Effects a Downside of Drugs for Restless Legs Syndrome

Saturday May 17, 2008
ŠiStockphoto.com/diego_cervo What your doctor is reading is a regular feature that reviews current information about medications from the medical journals that are most often read by physicians. Drugs used to treat restless ... Read More

Drug Spending Up 12% for Diabetes, Down 8.5% for Cholesterol

Friday May 16, 2008
Spending on diabetes medications rose by 12% in 2007. Although more people are being treated for diabetes, most of the increase is because people with diabetes are switching to newer ... Read More

Congress Hears Testimony About Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising

Tuesday May 13, 2008
In a hearing before a congressional subcommittee earlier this month, Mollyann Brodie, vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, testified about the public's views of direct-to-consumer drug advertising. Much ... Read More

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