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Splitting Pills to Save Money

By January 14, 2009

Save Money on Your Medications
Each week, Dr. Mike offers a tip on how to save money on your medications.

Splitting pills has become a popular way for people to save money on some prescription medications. Splitting pills can save you money because drug companies often charge a similar price for varying doses of medication.

Mr. Jones Splits Viagra and Saves
Each month, Mr. Jones uses 8 tablets of Viagra (sildenafil) 25mg to treat his erectile dysfunction. At a retail pharmacy where he lives, he pays $15.00 for each pill. His monthly cost is $120.00, which he pays for out of his pocket since it is not covered by his Medicare Part D health plan.

To save money, Mr. Jones decided to try pill splitting. These are the steps Mr. Jones took to save $696.00 this coming year.

  1. He did some research and found out that it was safe to split Viagra.
  2. He asked his doctor to write a prescription for Viagra 50mg, twice the dose that he usually takes.
  3. When he had his prescription filled, he noted that the price for each pill was $15.50; only 50 cents more, even though each pill had twice the amount of Viagra. Although the Mr. Jonesí cost to have his prescription filled was $124.00, the medication will now last for two months. Each time Mr. Jones has sex, he splits one of the Viagra 50mg pills in half using a pill splitter recommended by his pharmacist. He takes half the pill and saves the other half for the next time he has sex.

Mr. Jones monthly cost for his Viagra is now $62.00 (one-half of $124) instead of $120, a monthly savings of $58.00, which on a yearly basis is a savings of almost $700.00.

Other Ways Mr. Jones Can Save
Mr. Jones can also save more money by purchasing his Viagra online from a reputable American or Canadian pharmacy.

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